A great activity for exploring sounds in the home and the surrounding environment!

This simple activity is perfect for all children and parents to try at home. We have an example of a sound treasure hunt here but you can also make up your own to suit your home environment. We have a few simple pieces of advice that will help you create one. There are few different types of sounds to think of when making your own sound treasure hunt.

Sounds you have to make yourself

You can make sounds in your own home with different objects or even musical instruments if you have them. Our example is the sound of a ball bouncing, an object that will be found in most homes. You could go one step further in the treasure hunt and hide the ball! You could use the sound of pots banging or the kettle boiling or the radio. If you or your children play instruments then you could have the sound of a guitar, or be more specific and have the sound of a guitar playing a chord of G, or a piano playing the scale of C.

Sounds you have to find or wait for

Depending on if you live in an urban or rural setting you can include different environmental sounds. If you are in the country side you could have the sound of a tractor or a cow mooing. In a city or town, the sound of a car or van or church bells. These are all sounds that will require a bit of patience and can be an almost meditative experience for your children.

Sounds of nature

Whether you live in the countryside, have a small outdoor area or can open a window to the outside world, you can add sounds of nature to your sound treasure hunt. We have gone for bees, dogs and birds but you could choose wind through the trees, rain (if you're expecting rain) or leaves rustling.

Include your family walk

Think of some sounds that you might hear on an evening walk and include these in the treasure hunt. Depending on where you are walking this could be sound of a trickling stream or a canal lock roaring.

Sounds that other people can help with

Depending on who is in your house, you can have other sounds like people talking or laughing. Or the sound of someone cooking or someone typing at a computer. You could also add two people singing together or someone playing the piano. This is a chance to involve other members of the family.

Children can make up their own sound treasure hunts

Once you have the idea of this simple activity you can make up your own treasure hunts or get your children to make them up. If there are brothers or sisters in the house, they can make them up for each-other, or all use the same treasure hunt and see who ticks all the boxes first.

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