In honour of Martin Luther King day, here's a show that looks at the music of the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. We hope this episode will highlight the power that music can have in raising awareness of inequalities as well as a medium for providing hope and inspiration for those who fight against these injustices.

Music and the arts are amongst the most meaningful and accessible ways to relate to different cultures. In our classroom content we realise the importance of providing social, cultural and historical context to the music. In our weekly lessons, we aim to include music and musicians from Ireland and around the world that show the diversity of human culture and experience, to encourage cultural empathy, compassion and curiosity in children.

For our American civil rights show we've selected music from the likes of Sam Cook, James Brown, Nina Simone and Jimi Hendrix. Below is the Spotify playlist to listen to the full list of songs as well as some extras we chose.