The piano is a very popular instruments all over the world. A piano is full of strings that are struck when we press the keys. A series of small hammers inside the piano hit the strings.

Has you ever looked inside a piano? We'll watch a video later to see what's in there!

Today we are going to look at three different types of piano. The first one is a called a grand piano and it is the biggest type of piano. You will often see a grand piano playing in concert halls with the orchestra

Next we will listen to the upright piano. This piano is smaller than a grand piano and fits into peoples house much easier! This is type of piano that most people have in their homes. It was also very popular in small music clubs all over the world.

Let's hear an example of some 'rag time' music on a stand-up piano. This famous piece was written by Scott Joplin.

Let's look inside!

Here's a video where the front has been taken off the piano. We can see the strings and the hammers inside!

Now let's hear the 3rd type of piano, the electric piano. This is the smallest type of piano and is often used as a great instrument to learn on. Its also the only type of piano that's easy to carry around, so it's used a lot by musicians playing concerts in different places. An electric piano doesn't use strings! It uses electricity to make sounds which means it can make loads of different sounds

Here's an example from the piano player from the band Vulfpeck:

We have a radio show and a playlist all about the piano if you would like some more piano music to listen to!