Our twist on the classic 'eye spy' game, will bring a bit of musical fun to your family walk.

Now that the spring weather is picking up, we can start enjoying our family walks a bit more. This is a musical activity that gets us thinking about sounds in the world around us and also gets us looking at letters at the beginning of words.

Listening to the outdoor environment is a great opportunity to tune out the often stressful sounds of radios, phones, and computers for a while. This activity can be a peaceful moment of mindfullness in a hectic day and it's one that you can share as a family.

There are two ways we can play this game. One way is like the traditional "eye spy" and the other is more of a memory game to play when you get back home. The first version is ideal for infant classes and the second could offer more of a challenge to 1st or 2nd class up.

How to Play

Version 1: I hear with my little ear

  • Go on your walk and listen carefully to the sounds around you.
  • Take turns to pick a sound that you hear and get the others to guess the sound, with the first letter as the clue: I hear with my little ear something beginning with (the first letter of the word).
  • You can play this while on the move or you can choose a couple of spots to pause and listen.

Version 2: I did hear with my little ear

  • When you go on your walk, listen really carefully to the sounds around you.
  • As you are walking, each person chooses three sounds that they hear.
  • When you get home write down the sounds.
  • Now it's time to guess what each person heard. Each person takes a turn to say "I did hear with my little ear something beginning with.. (first letter of the word)". The others have to think back on the journey and guess the sound.

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