Help make DabbledooMusic even better for teachers and children across Ireland!

Each year we reach out to teachers to get their feedback about our online music resources for primary schools. One of the great benefits of having our content online is that we can improve and add new content based on teacher feedback. From the start, we have developed DabbledooMuisic with feedback and support from teachers and children and we hope to keep adapting and improving our program to make music as accessible and engaging for everyone!

This year we have all had to deal with the most disruptive and difficult school year most of us have experienced so we want to get your feedback on how you managed to keep your class happy and learning throughout. We also want to find out if our parents content was of use to you and if this would be something we can keep going in the future. Although we all hope that we will soon be back to normal there may be lessons from the last year that help us to improve our teaching into the future.

This short survey will take around 5 minute of your time.

Many thanks for taking part!