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**Dabbledoo Podcast - Pilot Episode: The Eskies at Glastonbury

We're delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Dabbledoo Music podcast where we will be talking all things music education. For our very first pilot podcast we are talking to The Eskies who are an Irish gypsy folk band. The band released their first album 'After the Sherry Went Round' in...


10 Inspiring Music Videos for the Young Musician

The year is 2006. I have just started my final year of secondary school, Italy have won the World Cup after Zinedine Zidane had been sent off in the final and Pluto has just been downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet – these are testing times indeed. The internet was starting to get in to...


7 Tips to Help Your Music Practice

"Practice, Practice, Practice!" The most common piece of advice for anyone looking to learn a musical instrument is “just practice”. It’s not really the most helpful advice and it’s not quite as simple as that. Here is a full DabbledooMusic guide that will help you or your child to get...


Best Musical Instrument for my Child to Learn? A Beginners' Guide for Parents

Why learn an Instrument? Learning a musical instrument doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to become a professional musician and play a week of sold out shows in Carnegie Hall (although that would be great - send us some tickets if you get there!). Playing an instrument is a great way to...


DabbledooMusic on the Radio

In November we were invited to join Wendy Grace at Spiritradio to discuss all things DabbledooMusic. We cover a range of topic in a short space of time! Music notation Graphic notation The primary music curriculum Creativity in education Self esteem and confidence through music making And...


Irish Music for Children

Lets Play Some Irish Music! One of the best things about Ireland is its rich history of folk music, known as Irish Traditional Music. Irish music is in fine health with festivals, schools and sessions thriving across Ireland and around the World. For Paddy's day this year we are getting...