Individual Teacher - Yearly Subscription

Access to all class content for individual teachers

DabbledooMusic is the full music solution for primary schools.

Our content is designed to be accessible for all teachers and students while covering all ares of the primary music curriculum.

  • 37 weeks of lessons for each class
  • Interactive resources for performance and composition
  • Comprehensive coverage of music curriculum
  • Monthly planning content and reminders
  • Specially recorded sing-along songs and backing tracks

Our weekly lessons cover song singing, composition, performance with instruments and listening and responding. Our unique interactive resources and video content make each lessons engaging and accessible for all levels of musical experience.

The Individual Teacher Subscription will give you access to all classes content so you can change each year with your new class.

What Teachers are Saying:

" I feel that for the first time in my career I am teaching music properly and the children are actually experiencing a broad music curriculum"

'The children love it. When they hear the opening notes there is an audible “yes” heard around the room."

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Full Curriculum - Junior Infants
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - Senior Infant Classes
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - 1st Class
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - 2nd Class
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - 3rd Class
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - 4th Class
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - 5th Class
Shane Mc Kenna
Full Curriculum - 6th Class
Shane Mc Kenna
Christmas Songs for Primary Schools
All Your Favourite Festive Songs
Shane Mc Kenna
Croke Park Hour Content
Designed for schools using the Full Curriculum Subscription and schools wanting to find out more.
Shane Mc Kenna

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