DabbledooMusic for Schools

Everything your school needs to deliver the primary music curriculum

The Complete Primary Music Curriculum

- Full schemes of work and weekly lessons delivered to each teacher.

- Online resources and activities for the classroom.

- Online support and training for teachers

- Downloadable worksheets, posters and books.

- Seasonal and topical music lessons delivered throughout the year.

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Online Resources

- A range of online interactive resources designed for all levels of musical experience.
- Creative, fun and accessible activities for everyone.
- Uses a new system of music notation designed specifically for primary schools.

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CPD courses for Teachers

- Regular courses delivered through local education centres.
- Hosted by DabbledooMusic creator Shane Mc Kenna.
- Introduces teachers to new DabbledooMusic method.

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DabbledooMusic Workshops

- Workshops for children.
- After school workshops for teachers.
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The Resources

DabbledooMusic.com has over 40 interactive resources and activities designed to get children learning about music and making music in the classroom.

The resources take users step by step through the music curriculum covering all area of the three strands; Listening, Performing and Composing.

The resources are divided into 5 areas, each one introducing different musical concepts, through activities and fun musical characters.

The Front Door

Using shapes and symbols to make music!

Graphic notation is a great way to encourage learning through creativity and practical experience.

The front door is a fun introduction to graphic notation with activities for all ages.

The Clock

A resource that is open to endless musical possibilities.

The most practical and creative way to get music making happening in the classroom.

Follow the colour coded clock and get your classroom ensemble started.


Learn rhythms with and an amazing Octopus.

This section is ideal for exploring rhythm in the classroom. A series of rhythm activities and performances will have your class playing in time together.

Igor will keep the beat and you can have fun creating your own rhythms for everyone to play.

Jazz Cat

Learn about melody and pitch with a jazzy twist

This section will have your class singing and playing melodies with the incredible jazz cat.

Sing on your own or with some jazzy chords on the piano.


The Online School

Our online school makes it easy for teachers and school to receive lesson plans, courses and schemes of work that make up the music curriculum.

The Full Curriculum

Our full curriculum covers all classes from junior infants to 6th class and feature music resources and activities that will have the entire school making music every week.

The full curriculum provides weekly lesson plans, lessons and schemes of work for each individual teacher delivered through email to assist term and yearly planning.

Each week is laid out step by step ensuring that the full range of musical concepts are covered each year.

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The Full Curriculum


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"We can now cover all parts of the curriculum, never touched before......brilliant"

Siobhan Dowlan - Primary teacher